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23 jun 2013

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9 reacties op “Deventer”

  1. Prachtig. Ik kijk met verbazing naar deze foto. Wat een geweldige sfeer !


  2. Ik kwam eigenlijk zien naar ‘oranjegevoel’ maar vond het niet – kan wel de foto zien in de mail maar niet op de site… en terwijl ik nog aan het zoeken was heb ik deze rubriek ontdekt die ik nog niet had gezien… Wow!

    Ondanks de kleuren op mijn blog toch nog een zwart-witter in hart en nieren maakt dit echt wel mijn dag goed šŸ™‚ En ik heb nog maar twee gezien!


  3. Deventer, the city of my birth, Deventer Koek and the Go Ahead Eagles. I moved to Canada with my parents in 1954 but have returned once for a visit. My family name on my mother’s side is Veldhoen and my grandfather had a moving company called ZvZ which was located Achter de Muren. Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories.


    • Hi Antonie/masqua,

      What an interesting story! Go Ahead Eagles still exists: its even a major-league club again, and you can also still enjoy Deventer Koek. Nothing changed šŸ™‚


  4. I am able to purchase Deventer Koek and many other famous products from Holland right here in Listowel, my home town. In fact, there is a rather large concentration of Dutch in this area and has been so for many decades. Some of the best farmland in Ontario is in my county, so I think that would be the major draw. The farms are really beautiful and perhaps I should post a few pictures on my blog.

    My two sons, when they were young, had Go Ahead Eagles jerseys and some other team paraphernalia, which they received as presents from Ludwig Timisela when he and his wife Inge visited us. Ludwig cooked up some bami for us and I still cherish that recipe. You may remember him as a member of the Eagles club.


    • “I am able to purchase Deventer Koek and many other famous products from Holland right here in Listowel”

      Lucky you -:)

      Unfortunately I know nothing about Canada, except that I like Leonard Cohen, the Band, the McGarrigle sisters and the Wailing Jennies. They are all Canadian, aren’t they?

      Please do post some pictures of the farms in your county!


      • I will post some pictures of farms around Listowel, but I think it best to wait for the leaves to turn on the trees. They are already beginning, so it shouldn’t take long and, when I do, I’ll post a note in here to alert you to them.

        I’m glad you enjoy Canadian musicians as I’m a fan myself. Currently, there is one band that I’ve really grown fond of and which played in Holland recently. It is country/folk and the band, headed by Andrea Ramolo and Cindy Doire, is called ‘Scarlett Jane’.

        Another rising star in the same genre is Jadea Kelly, who has a very beautiful, smooth and memorable voice.

        All three are singer/songwriters and I’m sure, if you searched Youtube, you’d enjoy listening to their work.


  5. Looking forward to your pictures, and I’ll follow your music suggestions. Thanks šŸ™‚


  6. For the next week, I’ll be popping photos of the farming community in my area into my blog. The sunny weather yesterday and today prompted this sudden inclination.


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